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DuoTherm is a Wearable Thermal Vibrating Device. Customize your multi-modal compression comfort with eight noninvasive neuromodulation therapy cycles, acupressure, and soothing heat or anti-inflammatory cold.

Slim and discreet enough to wear unnoticed under clothing. Comfortable enough to wear all day, in the car, or on a flight!

Two hour battery life after charging; 20-minute therapy cycle memory function reactivates with one-touch simplicity.  


  • Harmonic mechanical stimulation motor array
  • LED 5-level intensity display
  • Haptic touch control panel


  • Magnetic charging cable
  • 53.5 inch adjust-once neoprene belt
  • Magnetic slip-lock buckle for accessible, easy on-off
  • Reusable thermal clay pack to freeze or heat
  • Contoured aluminum plate
  • Travel bag
  • Optional trigger point acupressure nubs for acute injury

This product is not yet available in retail. Not eligible for HSA/FSA.

Very Limited Availability on a Compassionate Use Basis. Contact us at Support@PainCareLabs.com

Here is how to use DuoTherm.

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