Allergies may cause itching that can be made worse when scratching breaks the skin and increases swelling. Instead, for mosquito bites, stings, or plant reactions, use Buzzy® and the ice directly on itching. You can still take oral antihistamines or topical hydrocortisone as directed by your doctor.


For Allergy Testing

Allergy testing may be uncomfortable and cause itching. To relieve the itching from allergy testing, place Buzzy® “Between the brain and the pain”. (See “Buzzy® Placement”.) For testing on the arm, place Buzzy® closer to the shoulder as close as possible to the scratch patch. For testing on the entire back, place Buzzy® between the shoulder blades. The nerves come in horizontally to the spine, then up the spine, so the top of the spine as close as possible to the “scratch patch” is the right place.


Typical experience using Buzzy® for scratch testing

  • Itching was relieved after 7 seconds when Buzzy® was used with ice pack.
  • Itching was relieved after 12 seconds when used with vibration alone.
  • Buzzy® was more effective when pressed in place at the top of the spine, but was not as effective when simply lying on the back as in the picture.
  • After removing Buzzy®, the itching returned after 17 seconds following the buzzy-plus-ice wing trials, and after 13 seconds following the vibration only trials.

Cold (down to -20F) has been researched and found NOT to alter the histamine reaction allergy tests look for. In addition, Buzzy® was found to be the most effective intervention to relieve the discomfort of testing.


For Allergy Injections

  • Place Buzzy® directly on the site for 30-60 seconds before the procedure
  • Place “between the brain and the pain” during the needle placement and medication administration.
  • For subcutaneous placement on the back side of the arm, place Buzzy® as shown in this picture, then slide Buzzy® toward the armpit/head during the shot itself.

Explanation of use of Buzzy® at Texas Children’s Allergy and Immunology clinic here.

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