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Value Analysis – A Buzzy® Resource

7 Secrets for Shots – A Buzzy® Resource

Buzzy® Personal Instruction Manual

Assessing the Effectiveness of Buzzy® in Reducing Venous Cannulation

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Buzzy® Literature Review

Effect of Vibratory Stimulation on Protective Sensation Within the Foot

Guidance for Administering An Intramuscular Injection of Benzathine Benzylpenicillin – A Buzzy® Resource

How to Use Buzzy® & Distraction Most Effectively

Improving Injectable Adherence by Improving Comfort – A Buzzy® Resource

Parent Guide – Helping Your Child Manage Pain During Procedures – A Buzzy® Resource

Pediatric Pain Letter -The Development of Needle Phobia – A Buzzy® Resource

Regulatory Implications of Giving Buzzy® to Patients or Physicians

Use of External Vibratory Device as a Pain Management Adjunt for Injections of the Foot and Ankle – A VibraCool® Resource

Venipuncture Pain Reduction – A Buzzy® Resource

VibraCool® 4x Better Than TENS

VibraCool® Instruction Manual

What Works for Pain Handout

Buzzy® Healthcare Instructions for Use