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VibraCool for Healthcare & Physical Therapy

Reduces pain and improves patient outcomes

VibraCool has been tested in hospitals for opioid reduction and is 2-3 times more effective than TENS for physical therapy.  This simple, yet powerful device is easily used in a clinical rehabilitation setting, by a patient at home, or both.  VibraCool serves to improve mobility and reduce pain prior to surgery, and following surgery can be used to aid in rehabbing the patient to their daily activities.

Uses VibraCool® for:

Buzzy for Surgical Centers, CROs & Pharmaceuticals

Improve your standard of care

With more than 75 peer reviewed studies, Buzzy is the best choice for patient starter kits, clinical trials, and outpatient centers depending on patient word of mouth. Adherence and needle pain are problems we can help solve.


Use Buzzy® for:

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Reduce pain to improve adherence in national guidelines by providing physiologic pain relief for both child and adult injections, needle procedures, and vaccines.

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