Why VibraCool® Works

Proprietary Vibration Frequency

Pain Reduction by Modality

From sports aches and injuries to throbbing overuse syndromes, VibraCool® gives users one-touch wearable power over pain. Developed from over a decade of pain relief research, VibraCool® uses a patented combination of freeze solid ice and kinetic vibration therapies to naturally activate your body’s active pain fighting response. FDA Cleared, VibraCool is clinically proven to relieve pain and remove the stress and anxiety that goes along with it.


Using the body’s own nervous system, the gate control theory invokes the concept that the final common pathway for sharp pain to the brain can be shut out by the nerves that transmit cold and vibration senses. Just as running a burn under cold water stops the sharp pain, or rubbing a bumped elbow stops the pain, simultaneously stimulating vibration and cold receptors can dull or eliminate pain.