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"Would recommend to all"

My newly diagnosed Type 1 Diabetes daughter was really struggling. Buzzy from the first use helped tremendously.” -H.M.

Place Buzzy “between the brain and the pain” to block pain on contact. With over 50 peer-reviewed clinical trials and 37 million procedures worldwide, Buzzy is the most proven needle pain solution. 

Buzzy® benefits:


"After 10 minutes, I could sleep through the night." -W.C.

Wrap the VibraCool® frequency where you hurt to relieve pain.

Developed from over a decade of pain relief research, VibraCool uses the M-Stim frequency to block pain. Soothing heat or intense freeze-solid ice activate the body’s pain fighting response, giving power over pain.

VibraCool® is used for


Christine S.

Buzzy was a lifesaver - my teen daughter threatened to stop using Humira for Crohn's when she turns 18 because she hates it so much, it hurts so badly. Her doctor used Buzzy for her last injection and she didn't even feel it!

Sara T.

“Vibracool helped my mom get through the month before her knee replacement surgery. My dad, who would rather bite a bullet than turn to pharmaceuticals, had this brilliant idea to use Vibracool for a tooth extraction. He said “it was easy to keep the ice in place. The swelling was minimal and no pain pills were needed.” Go Dad! And thanks Vibracool!

Emily M.

My son is on Norditropin. To say that Buzzy changed our lives sounds dramatic, but it is absolutely true. Prior to Buzzy we would spend 30 - 60 minutes every night on his shot - melt downs, crying, screaming, fighting, etc. We tried so many things and nothing helped. To say I was exhausted is an understatement and I felt like my son was being horribly traumatized. I ended up breaking down and sobbing at my son's endocrinologist appointment. The nurse suggested Buzzy. My son's injections now take 2 minutes and there is no fighting, crying, screaming. The difference is truly amazing.

Dr. David H., DPM

"My daughter in law, an RN who works in a clinic in a ski town, had an MRI of her knee that documented an MCL strain and mild meniscus tear. She is still using the device (3 weeks now) and reports that it is fantastic for pain relief. She relates the same findings that I had noted: convenience, works in a shorter time than ice alone, and there is something about the vibration that adds to pain relief. I can feel comfortable reporting that you have a great idea and I can highly recommend it."

Amelia's Mom

“After months of searching for a way of making daily injections less stressful and painful for our young daughter with type 1 diabetes we eventually found the answer with Buzzy. Amelia uses Buzzy® every day and won't 'Bee' without it. The difference it makes is amazing.”

Andy G.

I am a 30-year-old infantryman in the US Army. Like many in the military I have knee pain. Carrying a heavy ruck, compounded with years of sports, has left me with stress injuries in my knee. VibraCool has helped keep me training and I recover quickly after workouts. I highly recommend the VIbraCool to anyone over a traditional icepack and have already recommended it to other soldiers in my unit.

Lennox M., M.D.

Buzzy is awesome. It is my go-to baby gift for new parents. My son dropped a cutting board on his toe and had to have the toenail removed when he was about 3. I used Buzzy when he had the initial injection and the removal, and he didn't shed a tear. The surgeon was stunned by how well it works.

Jon T.

I have been using the Vibracool for my plantar fasciitis and it has been reducing some of the pain I get 24-48 hours after running or spending a lot of time on my feet. Very simple and easy to use.

Jacquie R.

"We just tried the Buzzy for the first time and it helped immensely! My daughter "helped" me hold the Buzzy on her leg and she did not cry at all! Her only reaction to the shot was to say "ow" one time, but I'm not even sure if she just said that because she saw the needle or because it actually did hurt. Either way, her injection was so much easier with the use of the Buzzy!"

Alisha P.

"I used VibraCool and for the first day, I didn't need my pain pills after knee surgery."

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