Powerful relief for muscles and joints
in an easy-to-wear compression wrap.


Anti-inflammatory, Stimulate Healing

Thin freeze-solid ice packs reduce inflammation; high frequency focal muscle vibration increases blood flow to accelerate healing.



VibraCool fits in your hand, great for travel or home recovery and pain relief without needing an outlet.


Tested & Proven

Patented M-Stim Technology is backed by over 50 clinical trials demonstrating pain relief. We pioneered thermal and vibration precision medicine.


FSA Eligible

VibraCool is FDA cleared to control pain safely and effectively, making it FSA and HSA eligible.

The Easy Fit

For elbow, wrist, and ankle.

The Extended

For knee, ACL, calf, and hamstring.

The Flex

For shoulder, neck, back, and hip.

  • How To Use VibraCool®
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Choose Hot or Cold

You can use the VibraCool® ice packs or hot snap packs. Cold packs are recommended for most use cases, but heat may be more comfortable for some, especially if you have muscle spasms.

Place Vibration Unit

Place the VibraCool® vibration unit into the neoprene pouch. You can also use the vibration unit by itself directly on trigger points for additional relief, or to help wake muscles up before exercise.

Position VibraCool®

Place frozen ice pack or activated heat snap underneath the strap and secure snugly over the area of pain. See full instructions for more guidance for different models and uses.

Turn VibraCool® On

Activate vibration by firmly pressing the button on top of the unit for a couple seconds. The vibration unit will auto-shut off after 10 minutes. It is not recommended to use for more than 20 minutes at a time.

Compare Models

Which VibraCool is right for me?

Easy Fit
Size 2⅞” x 1⅞” x ⅞” 7.2cm x 4.8cm x 2.2cm 3¼” x 2⅛” x 1⅛” (8.4cm x 5.3cm x 2.9cm) 3¼” x 2⅛” x 1⅛” (8.4cm x 5.3cm x 2.9cm) 3¼” x 2⅛” x 1⅛” (8.4cm x 5.3cm x 2.9cm)
Settings 1 Settings (Continuous Vibration) 1 Settings (Continuous Vibration) 1 Settings (Continuous Vibration) 1 Settings (Continuous Vibration)
Power On/Off Automatic Shut-Off (After 10 Minutes) Manual Toggle Switch Manual Toggle Switch Manual Toggle Switch
Wearable Strap Design 20-inch Neoprene Compression Strap 28-inch Neoprene Compression Strap 48-inch Latex-Free Band and Neoprene Pocket Hands-Free Easy Velcro Strap
Accessories Included 2 Two-Chamber Reusable Ice Packs 2 Four-Chamber Reusable Ice Packs 1 Two-Chamber Reusable Ice Packs, 1 Reusable Hot Pack 2 Single Chamber Reusable Ice Packs
Best For Elbow / Wrist Pain Knee / Ankle Pain Back / Shoulder / Hip Pain Plantar / Foot Pain
Also Great For Post-surgical pain, Epicondylitis (golfer’s/tennis elbow), Gamer’s / bowler’s wrist, Carpal tunnel Post-surgical pain, IT band syndrome, ACL pain, Meniscal injury, Patellofemoral pain, Larger muscle pain/injuries (hamstring, thigh, calf), Tension headaches, TMJ pain Post-surgical pain, Neck pain, Lower back pain, Hip pain, Sacroiliac (SI) joint pain, Shoulder pain, Bicep tendinitis, Rotator cuff pain, Trapezius pain Plantar fasciitis, Gout, Plantar wart pain, Bunion pain, Heel spur pain
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Proprietary Vibration Frequency

Pain Reduction by Modality

From aches and injuries to throbbing overuse syndromes, VibraCool® gives users one-touch wearable power over pain. Developed from over a decade of pain relief research, VibraCool® uses a patented combination of freeze solid ice and focal muscle vibration (fMV) therapies to naturally activate your body’s active pain fighting response. Our proprietary fMV frequency and thermal options relieve pain and remove the stress and anxiety that goes along with it.

Just as running a burn under cold water stops the sharp pain, or rubbing a bumped elbow stops the pain, our frequency stimulates the body’s system to dull or eliminate pain.